Travel Diaries with Julie Worley

We sat down with one of our incredible & highly dedicated Board Members, Julie, to get her feedback on her experience after travelling with Collective Humanity to Cambodia a few months ago. Since our October trip, she has already traveled back with our founder just last month! Safe to say, she loved it! See below to learn more about her experience!

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Q: What made you want to travel with CH to Cambodia in the first place? Had you ever traveled to a third world county before?
A: I met Kate! Her enthusiasm is contagious. Many people care about issues that affect the impoverished, but very few do anything impactful to effect positive changes. I wanted to learn more. I knew essentially nothing about Cambodia at the time, but Kate’s mission intrigued me and I knew I had to go. I went to Tijuana with Project Mercy, but otherwise, no, I had not been to a third world country.

Q: What was the hardest part of the trip? A: Being away from Brad (husband) and Liney (pup).

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Q: What was your favorite part of the trip?
A:There were many incredible moments! It’s impossible to pick a favorite...I loved Angkor Wat (our guide was informative and kind), meeting the women of Pehn Lenh (they shine with bright and spirited personalities), meeting the weavers (they have smiles that light up the room), meeting Chomnab (he is caring, knowledgeable and extremely helpful), and the lantern festival in Chiang Mai was magical (even though my lantern crashed into the river!).

Q:Would you recommend traveling to a third world county to others? Why?
A: Without a doubt. Experiencing a culture so different from my own was transformative. All that I gave to the experience was returned to me exponentially.

Q: In what ways do you think visiting Cambodia changed you?
A: I understand things from my experience-deeply personal things about my motivations, my beliefs, and I recognize we can cause harm even with the intention to help. I’m aware of the Cambodian genocide I didn’t know occurred until recently. I now understand I can’t eliminate suffering, people don’t need me to save them, and I won’t change the world, but I trust there is a way to empower the forgotten and I’m passionate about the importance of that mission.

Q:Would you return? Why or why not?
A: Yes. I can’t articulate all of the reasons; some things are dictated by the heart and I know I must.

Q:What advice would you give someone going on a similar trip?
A: Take a lot less sh** than you think you need. Put away your phone, be vulnerable, and enjoy the ride!

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