Dreams Actualized in June

Below is our June monthly recap of our biggest wins & major impacts for the month.

  1. Our First Ever Elephant Table Dinner Party!

In June we had the opportunity to host our first ever Elephant Table Dinner collaboration! We brought together the best of Austin Design & Hospitality for a truly magical evening filled with good food, fun cocktails, and meaningful connection. We had so much fun showcasing our latest collection in a room full of designers, and got so much positive feedback! There was a very unexpected and exciting surprise when the women of the weaving village were able to FaceTime us (for the first time EVER) and join in on the fun of that night! The food, the ambiance, the wine, the laughter… every detail was so well thought out and so inspired. Every detail from each dish down to the music, was inspired by Cambodia and truly felt like we transported our guests there with us! We can’t speak highly enough of The entire Elephant Table team, we LOVE and deeply appreciate you all for your effort, positive energy, and enthusiasm in helping to empower women around the world! We’d also like to thank the even sponsors and dream team that helped make it all come to life: La Pera Austin for the INSANE food, Emma Schmidt for her creative inspiration with our menus and place settings and for helping ensure the night ran perfectly, 10th Collection for the beautiful table and chair rentals, Lewis Wines for some delicious wine, Knoll Textiles for partnering to bring this to life, Jessica Graham for her enthusiasm and support in bringing this to life, Shelby Nickel for these beautiful photos, and Amanda & Jason Crawford for letting us take over the home and turn it into a Khmer Oasis!

This event was such a beautiful reminder of the power and beauty that is possible when women collaborate and work together towards a common goal. An all female event, put on by female led organizations & individuals, dedicated, creative, inspired, and excited about empowering women around the world. Truly- this is what it’s all about!

2. A Major Partnership!

We had a major dream realizing moment when The Little Market wanted to partner with us to help create market demand for our artisans. For those that are not familiar, The Little Market is an ethical retailer, founded by Lauren Conrad (YES! That Lauren Conrad-Teenage dreams made!) and Hannah Skvarla , working to support artisan collaboratives all around the world. They are truly a dream team and their entire crew has been incredible to work with! We have dreamed of this partnership since the very beginning and after meeting the at NYNOW, we got the opportunity to actualize that dream! As a startup grassroots organization, moments like this feel major! Since the launch with Little Market we have had retailers all across the country reaching out to partner, including Thistle Farms in Nashville, whose collaboration will go live this fall! We are so excited to to continue to partner with organizations that are dedicated to creating sustainable dignified work for our artisans! Every partnership ensures that we are able to consistently place orders and ensure fair trade wages for our partners in Cambodia. We can’t thank our wholesalers enough for this support!

Stay tuned for more updates! We have a BIG summer ahead of us <3

Kate Davis