A Very Special Project

We are so excited to share some very exciting updates on a special project we have been working on!

Back in March, we had the opportunity to meet with the local school in the village where our weaving partners live. We have been visiting this village for the last 2 years and have built a close relationship with not only the weavers, but also the children in the village. The women in this community live and work so close to one another that many of them share responsibilities of childcare and daily chores. This community is truly one big family, so after years of working to establish trust with the weavers, we were honored to be allowed to visit the school.


Our school visit began with a warm, and very loud welcome from the school children (check out our instagram highlights to see more from our visit) . All of the afternoon school children lined up outside in order by grade, and sang American songs to us, as we walked up. The display of affection was not only heartwarming and adorable, but also a huge sign of the mutual respect and trust that is being built by the Collective Humanity team and the community members. Then, we were given a tour of the school and the principal took us to see the library. He pointed out that there was a display illustrating how many books each child took out, every time a book was checked out of the library, a plastic straw was placed in a jar to show that a student, in a given grade, was enjoying a book from the library. The display was full of straws, illustrating how much the kids love to read. The only problem was that the library was not full of books. There are 229 children that attend this school and we found only 10-20 books on the shelves. The principal explained that due to their rural location and lack of resources, they are unable to buy more books for the children. It is especially difficult in the surrounding villages, to find Khmer educational books depicting children of color, leaving the children unrepresented in their academic learnings. Our team at CH decided to share the story along with a fundraiser to help raise money to buy the kids new books.

Within 24 hours we had enough money to buy a new library book for every child in the school

… all of which were of the highest academic quality, and accurately and beautifully represented Khmer children of color. Last week Chomnab, our managing partner in Cambodia, had the opportunity to deliver the books in person to the kids at their school. Their response of overwhelming gratitude and beaming smiles, captured in the pictures below, makes all the crazy ups and downs of running a start up nonprofit focused on international development, well worth it. It is in moments like these that we are reminded that change happens in small doses, little by little, and that progress, and a fair and bright future for all kids, all around the world… is always worth pushing for. We truly cannot thank you all enough for helping make this all possible.

Due to all of the outpour of love and support for the kids in the village, we have decided to set up a special fund that will be used exclusively for special projects with the school age children in the village. If you would like to get more involved, please donate in the link below and sign up in the email box to receive updates on more special projects! Thank you all for your continued love and support.

From our community in Cambodia, and here in the States, we thank you from the bottom of our hearts for being a part of creating such meaningful change!

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Kate Davis