7 Reasons to Shop Conscious Fashion

Why Shop Conscious Fashion Brands? Check out these 7 reasons below.



Fair trade and consciously made products are much higher quality compared to fast fashion pieces. Consciously made products are often made of strong, real, durable materials, and often by hand, making them hold up longer against the test of time.


Consciously made products aren't mass produced, so you are far less likely to find yourself in one of those miserable situations where you are wearing the same thing as your coworker at your work Christmas party. Shopping consciously often times means you will be purchasing unique, artisan made, well-designed, small-batch products versus mass produced goods.


When you support conscious fashion, you are contributing to a better life for those living in poverty or exploited communities. Many conscious brands have begun to go above and beyond simply paying and treating their employees well. Many brands have started offering empowerment programs that provide access to education and growth opportunities for their employees, creating lasting impact for their employees, their families and surrounding communities.

There is no beauty in the finest cloth if it makes hunger and unhappiness.
—  Mahatma Gandhi


Would you buy something if the label said "unethically made"? Chances are, if you aren't supporting conscious fashion or ethical fashion practices, you are supporting unethical practices and your purchase could be contributing to child slavery, human trafficking, unfair labor, unsafe working conditions, and/or the exploitation of women. Learn more about the damaging effects of fast fashion.


Conscious products are handmade in a safe environment where artisans and employees can learn and grow. These encouraging and empowering environments are often times a safe haven for the artisans in their communities. They create a safe space for not only professional growth, but also personal development. 


You can feel the love in each conscious made piece. Unlike goods that are mass produced, ethically made products are made by human hands in a loving, supportive environment. We believe when you are inviting an object into your home, you are inviting in the energy with which it was made. Check out some more alternative brands ethical brands on Refinery29.


As Anna Lappe said, "When you spend money, you are casting a vote for the kind of world you want".

So, ask yourself, do you want an ethical world? Cast your vote with your purchases. 

Interested in learning more? Check out this article by Forbes on Conscious Fashion.

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