Raising the Voice of Women

Women's Rights are Human Rights.

Strengthening Visibility, the Collective Voice, and Representation of Women.

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There is a great deal of research being conducted on the correlation of women’s economic empowerment, and grassroots efforts focused on strengthening visibility, the collective voice, and representation of women. In fact, it is recognized by UN Women and The World Bank as one of the 7 Drivers for change of Women’s Economic Empowerment.

In order for a women’s voice to be heard, she needs to feel confident that her voice and opinion is valuable, important, and worthy. This concept and driver of change, is why we are committed, on a fundamental level, through empowerment classes and a capacity building curriculum, to encouraging women to use their voice and to know their worth.

  • 3 Ways you can encourage raising the voice of women in your community:

    • Start small. We believe great change starts in small numbers. We consciously partner with small cooperatives of young artisans throughout the developing world to take the "inch wide, mile deep" approach to community care. We work to provide each artisan with the personal attention she needs to feel supported, safe, and valued. We then work with the girls collectively to help foster a strong sense of community. 

    • Promote solidarity. Create a safe space where freedom of speech is celebrated and women can come together and feel secure in sharing their stories. Within these communities, you have an amazing opportunity to then encourage women to make decisions, take active leadership roles, and campaign for their rights. At Collective Humanity, we work to facilitate a space for our artisans to come together to learn about their rights, and to share in the strengthening of their collective voice and understanding. Learn more about our community support initiatives to further understand the potential impact.

    • Partner with empowering organizations. We partner with organizations that share in the mission to promote women's voices and shift discriminatory social norms. Our partners at Penh Lenh in Cambodia are working to correct the Khmer saying, "Men are gold, women are a white cloth," which implies that men are strong and cannot be stained or lose their value, while women—like a white cloth—once dirty, are stained forever. One way that they are stepping out against this limiting societal belief is by wearing t-shirts that read, "Women Are Gold" printed in big bold letters in the Khmer language, for everyone to see. A move like this has a massive multiplier effect; not only are the other women in their communities inspired, but we are able to share the story with our supporters back home and spread a powerful message around the world.

Learn more about our impact and the ways you can help.

There is no tool for development more effective than the empowerment of women.
— Kofi Annan
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