Significance of the Dragonfly

From the very first day the original founding four met up at a coffee shop to discuss making this dream come to life, Kara, the creative soul of the group, explained in utter excitement how she had been seeing dragonflies everywhere leading up to this meeting. We had no idea then just how much this little creature would guide our way as we found our true place and purpose with this mission. We began Collective Humanity on a mission to help empower communities living in poverty- we already knew that meant we'd be going back to Cambodia, as it was a place that touched the heart of our founder (you can read that story here), to try to find organizations and artisan groups working to help provide those less fortunate with a necessary hand-up in life, but outside of that, we had no real idea of what we'd be doing. We had big dreams, and a ton of faith... and dragonflies to point us in the right direction whenever we were unsure or needed a reminder, that yes, we were on the right path. 

After we all left that meeting we began seeing dragonflies everywhere, leading up to the most significant experience of all... uncovering the group of artisans we were destined to work with, who would soon become like family to us, on the other side of the world. We were spotting dragonflies while telling friends and family in the US about our mission, to seeing a dragonfly poster hanging outside of our door in our hostel the first night in Thailand, to flying all around us at Angkor Wat in Siem Reap- dragonflies were literally everywhere.  

One of our favorite sightings happened while we were sitting in the Penh Lenh artisan studio discussing our new partnership and learning about the complex issues of poverty and human trafficking that face young women in Cambodia from the founder, Rachel. While we was talking we spotted this beauty out of the corner of our eye. We made Rachel stop mid sentence so we could geek out and explain the significance of this magical moment. Her eyes went wide as she told us that she had been seeing dragonflies fly into the store all week leading up to us coming and how the girls were so excited because in Khmer, a dragonfly is a symbol of good luck in business. 

Needless to say there were enough signs for us that we were on the right path, moving forward in the right direction, and finding the right partners...but it didn't stop there. A few weeks later we had taken a field trip to the beach with the Penh Lenh girls. As we were walking along the beach, our Founder was telling one of our partners about how she felt certain this was the group they were meant to work with and how she could tell there were big things in store for this partnership.... they then turned the corner and this is what they saw. 

In that moment, the dragonfly which had been a symbol of guidance and direction- now became so much more. It became a symbol of hope, of faith, and of believing in the power of following your dreams. We had a strong desire to set out across the world to make an impact and to be of service- and with the right team, support, and desire to keep going- we we're able to make those dreams a reality. The journey wasn't always easy, but moments like this, instilled a deep faith in our hearts that if we just keep moving forward and believing in the power of our dreams, anything is possible. This dragonfly is a symbol of hope that we want to pass on to all of the women we work with abroad, and all of our customers at home. We want women all around the world to know that there is magic that happens when you take a bold move to believe in yourself, and to believe in your dreams.... and if you want it bad enough, and work hard enough, you are capable of achieving anything you set your mind to.


Kate Davis