We are Collective Humanity

At Collective Humanity, our mission is to facilitate empowerment.  We strive to put an end to the exploitation of people living in extreme global poverty by providing marginalized communities with access to education, dignified employment, and community support.  We believe the most sustainable way to truly empower communities to rise above poverty is through integrated socio-economic development and that educating and empowering women is the key to producing sustainable change throughout developing world countries.  Today, all of our social enterprise partners are located in Cambodia.

who we are

We are a global community that believes everyone deserves dignified employment, access to education, and opportunities for growth.  Collective Humanity is a nonprofit organization led by women, for women.  We are a group of dedicated and fearless 20-somethings on a mission to help empower young women around the world.

how we came to be

The need for Collective Humanity was recognized when our founder, Kate Davis, was traveling through southeast Asia.  She was moved by not only the hardships, but also the incredible grace she was shown by the local women despite their living in extreme poverty.  She realized that what these people needed was an opportunity, a way out of their current situation, whether that be homelessness, lack of education, abuse, poverty, or being trapped in a vicious cycle of modern day slavery and exploitation.  Kate returned home knowing that she had to do something to help create opportunities for those women living in these parts of the world.  One year later, Collective Humanity was born with the hopes to help human trafficking survivors gain access to education and dignified employment.  Kate returned to Cambodia to build partnerships with fair trade artisan groups and to purchase goods made by local women so she could provide them with market access to sell their products and to tell their story of resilience, hardship, beauty, and grace to a larger audience in hopes of inspiring the hearts of people around the world.

You can read more about Kate's story here.

what we believe

We believe that the harder you work, the luckier you get.

We believe in hand ups, not hand outs.

We believe the best way to create sustainable change is to empower women to create an environment that enables self-reliance.

We believe that transparency is vital. Consumers should know where their products come from and should take pride in their ethical purchases, knowing that everyone in that process was treated with dignity and respect.

We believe that everyone, despite gender, race, religion, or region of the world, deserves dignified employment and access to education.

Elaine McKellips