Handcrafted Techniques

We celebrate technique, tradition, and quality. We support a variety of artisan skill sets. All of the artisans we work with specialize in blending traditional techniques and modern design to bring you products that showcase the rich beauty, history, and culture of their country.

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Loom Weaving

According to The Hutchinson Dictionary of Symbols, the Loom" “is a symbol of cosmic creation and the structure upon which individual destiny is woven”. The symbolism and significance of loom weaving spans thousands of years and across many cultures. In Cambodia, there are carvings within the ancient walls of Angkor Wat of women wearing traditional woven clothing, nearly 900 years ago.

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Botanical Dyeing

Much like loom weaving, botanical and natural dyes are unique art forms that span back thousands of years and have been passed down generation to generation, surviving war and genocide in Cambodia. Together, we are doing our part to preserve this ancient craft and bring Cambodian hand-dyed products into homes all around the world.