What Does Empowerment Mean to us?

We are a global community that believes everyone should have access to education, dignified employment, and opportunities for growth. We believe in hand-ups, not hand-outs. We believe in not just employment for all, but empowerment for all.

We encourage an integrated approach to empowerment through the following three verticals:



At Collective Humanity, we believe the most sustainable way to truly empower entire communities to rise above poverty is by providing them with jobs that enable self-reliance. We believe everyone should have access to dignified employment. We believe that providing people with safe dignified work where they have room to learn and grow, is the best way to ensure sustainable economic growth. We believe if more corporations took this approach and provided this base level of care for the communities throughout their supply chain, we would eventually see extreme poverty begin to shift.  


We believe access to education is a fundamental human right. Consider this: Without being able to do math, how does one know what they are being paid? Without being able to understand how much money you have, how does one budget to support themselves and their families? These might seem like fundamental concepts that we as Westerners take for granted because they have been ingrained in us from such an early age that it almost feels like common sense. However, with nobody teaching these fundamental concepts and no access to receiving this basic education, how does one ever learn? We help our partners provide basic and continuing education for all of our artisans so that they can pass down knowledge and create a stronger foundation for the next generation to learn and grow.


We believe it takes a truly supportive and loving community for people to feel empowered to create sustainable change. All of the organizations we support take an in-depth approach to community care. They go above and beyond to create a safe environment for their employees, and offer benefits that include; healthcare, self-esteem classes, counseling, team building, and capacity building in an open environment where everyone is free to express themselves and learn from one another. 


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